Code of Care

Interstellar Rodeo’s Code of Care

Welcome to Interstellar Rodeo!

We are committed to creating an experience with music and friends in a space that is welcoming, respectful and healthy for everyone. We value kindness, consent and safety for all, and by all.

We expect our community – staff, artists, volunteers, crew members, vendors and guests – to do their best to uphold this vision for our event and to cultivate our garden of good times, where discrimination and violence can not thrive.

Please act with care and respect towards people and the venue. Be aware of how your actions may impact others. Look out for one another. Reach out if you see anything that causes you concern.

Help is available should you need it. Interstellar Rodeo organizers and volunteer captains will be on site from start to finish. Look for individuals wearing Rodeo Boss tags or pink t-shirts that say Here To Help. The First Aid & Wellness tent is located behind the stage near the food trucks.

Thank you for your contribution to ensuring Interstellar Rodeo is a safe space for all of us.

Just Be Awesome.