“Sounds Like: One in the morning at your favorite cabaret bar.” – Rolling Stone

San Diego, California’s Andra Day makes her Edmonton debut at this year’s Interstellar Rodeo. Day is a soul singer whose debut album, Cheers To The Fall, netted two Grammy nominations in 2016. Day’s jazz background and soulful sound draw comparisons to Amy Winehouse, Billie Holiday and Sharon Jones, but she is deftly carving out her own place in the retro-soul landscape with a brassy yet alluring voice that is as powerful as it is expressive. Day was discovered by Stevie Wonder, who brought her in to an elite musical world to make her first record. Reflecting the LP’s theme of resilience through struggle, the crown jewel of the album is the universally timeless “Rise Up,” which Andra describes as “a song about any type of relationship.” She says, “I look at all of us as brothers and sisters and a body working together. ‘Rise Up’ is saying one piece isn’t better than the other, and when one part is struggling, I’m going to help and lift you up. I will rise up with you.”