Interstellar FAQ


With 2017 marking our 3rd anniversary, we can honestly say that This Ain’t Our First Rodeo!  We are so pleased to bring you a line up that once again brings distinguished, daring and dauntless talents to the stage for this auspicious year. Interstellar Rodeo has made its mark presenting an innovative mix of performers across genres, with a core emphasis on those making waves in the roots and Americana world.


Using very complicated math (or “maths” as Helen says because she is British) and special algorithms developed in a lab at Interstellar HQ, we have worked out single ticket pricing that brings individuals the best value according to the variable cost of the wonderful artists. Thusly and henceforth, a transferable pass just doesn’t jive with this complex calculation, and would result in all kinds of chaos, jamming up our Interstellar satellites and such.  In other words, single ticket pricing is determined by the cost of the artists, which this year is variable… so a transferable pass is not workable.


The Box Office and Main Entrance is located on Israel Asper Way, the main road into The Forks – in between The Plaza Skate Park and the Parkade.


A combination of daily, hourly and free three-hour parking for Forks visitors is available. There are also identified handicap stalls close to all facilities.


Once again, we are providing a free bike lock up service.  The hours are:
Friday: 1:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Saturday + Sunday: 10:00 am – 10:30 pm

what are the Start & finish times?

Friday: Gates open at 4:30 pm, music starts at 6:00 pm, concert ends by 10:30pm
Saturday + Sunday: Gates open at  noon, music starts at 1:00 pm, concert ends by 10:30pm

where is the box office?

The box office is located at the west gate into the festival. It opens one hour before gates: Friday 3:30 pm and 11:00 am on Saturday & Sunday. We accept credit cards, and cash.

Can I refund my ticket?

Tickets are refundable only in the instance of the entire event being cancelled. Individual artist cancellations will not trigger event cancellation. If one occurs, we will do our best to bring in a replacement artist of similar marquee value. The festival runs rain or shine.


In 2017, in the event of being unable to replace the artist with one of similar marquee value the following is our policy –


Friday night headliner cancellation – 75% refund for single Friday tickets and 20% refund for weekend passes. 


Saturday night headliner cancellation – 75% refund on single Saturday tickets and 35% refund for weekend passes. 


Sunday night headliner cancellation – There will be no refunds for Sunday as there are multiple headline acts, and if one cancels, there are still equal or higher value artists still performing for patrons to enjoy.

What should I bring?

Please Bring:
• Low Profile Lawn Chairs (maximum leg height allowed is 8”) if desired
• Blankets
• Sealed Bottle(s) of Water (any size) or empty refillable containers – you may fill them up at the bar.
• Non-Professional Cameras (No detachable lenses)
• Umbrellas (for rain purpose. No beach umbrellas)


At Interstellar Rodeo, we won’t tolerate cultural insensitivity, racism, violence, sexism, harassment, or misappropriation of culture of any kind.  Just Be Awesome.


Please DO NOT Bring
• Alcohol
• Narcotics
• Glass Containers
• Professional audio and video recording devices
• Regular sized or large lawn chairs that will obstruct views
• Pets
• Noise makers/laser pointers/etc.
• Weapons
• Tarps

Can I bring my own beer?

You are not allowed to bring in alcoholic beverages — our license allows only the consumption of beverages we are serving. We will have beer, wine, cider, and margaritas, and they can be enjoyed anywhere within the fenced site area. Empty, refillable containers are allowed…if there is a question about the content of the container, we will have to empty it out before admission (you can re-fill water once inside the gates). No coolers or glass containers are permitted.

Can I bring a tarp?

We have a love/hate relationship with tarps. Tarps are good to keep your bottom dry. They’re good to cover your head if it rains. But they’re ugly, space wasting, and cluttersome when they’re not in use. Sooo, bring a tarp if you must, but make sure it’s less than 8’ X 10’.


You are permitted to bring food. Please note, however, we will have plenty of food vendors on site serving a variety of delicious items.

Is there a dancing section?

Yes! Areas to dance that are near the stage with good sightlines will be clearly marked. Dance it out!

Are pets permitted?

Apart from service dogs, pets are not permitted on site.

What are the seating policies?

Seating is GENERAL ADMISSION, which means there is no reserved seating. We expect that people will move around and enjoy the show from various vantage points throughout the site.


NEW THIS YEAR.  We are dispensing with the “on your feet/on your seat” split down the middle of the stage front area this year. This is now generally a standing area where avid fans can rock the front.  The seating areas are located on the berms (please note that we will have 2 video screens this year for your viewing awesomeness).  If you choose to bring your own chair, please make sure it’s one of those awesome chairs where the back is less than 36” from the ground, or just sit on a cozy blanket on the ground.  We also have bleachers and a super fun picnic table area with great sight lines.


TARPS. We have a love/hate relationship with tarps. Tarps are good to keep your bottom dry. They’re good to cover your head or your bags if it rains. But they’re space wasting and cluttersome when they’re not in use. Sooo, bring a tarp if you must, but make sure it’s less than 8’ X 10’.  No tarps may be placed in the stage front area (between the central path and the stage).


ACCESSIBLE SEATING: There will be a reserved section for guests in wheelchairs in the picnic table area. This should be obvious, but you can’t reserve the seat next to a wheelchair spot unless you are in fact the companion of a person in a wheelchair.

What are your policies for disabled seating and access?

There will be a reserved section for guests in wheelchairs – to the immediate right of the sound booth. This should be obvious, but you can’t reserve the seat next to a wheelchair spot unless you are in fact the companion of a person in a wheelchair.

Is there an ATM on site?

Yes, within the festival grounds, as well as in the Inn at The Forks, and the Forks Market.

Is there a kids’ area?

No, we do not have an area especially for children – our philosophy is to build a festival that is enjoyable for all ages. However, once you have your wristband, you are able to come and go as you please and enjoy the rest of The Forks Market, including the neighboring Children’s Museum and super fun splash pad!

I’m a new Mom. Is there a facility for me?

Yes, we have a tent for nursing and changing babies should you desire a spot that is quieter and sheltered. It is located behind the stage next to the St. John’s Ambulance.

Is there First Aid available?

Yes, it will be clearly marked; event staff or volunteers can help you get there if you need it.

Are cameras allowed?

Yes, amateur photos are permitted, unless we are notified otherwise by the artist. Any photos that are taken can be for personal use only. Please respect the audience and the artist when snapping your shots. In order to use professional cameras, such as those with detachable lenses, you must get a media pass for the use of that camera.

Can I use video or audio recording devices?

We cannot authorize the use of audio/video recording due to artist copyright issues. If you wish to record a performance, you must get written permission directly from the artist.

Why do some bands sound awesome and others less so?

In this case, we would suggest that awesomeness is subjective. Many bands bring in their own sound techs who are familiar with artists’ music, and the creative vision for how they would like their performances to translate in a live setting. This is part of their performance and we have to respect that… artists bring their own techs to make it sound how they like it to sound. What this means for the audience, is that the sonic signature could be variable from act to act, depending on who is mixing the show, and sonic aesthetic that this represents. Thankfully, variety is the spice of life. That’s a pretty odd expression, hey? I wonder who came up with that one, and how it managed to stick.

Is this an annual event?

Yes. Next year’s dates will be announced very soon.

Still have an unanswered question?

Drop us a line at info [at] interstellarrodeo [dot] com or call us at 1-855-465-2459.

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