Weekend passes and single tickets are available through the Six Shooter Records webstore.  order to purchase tickets, you must create a membership profile and log in.   A limited inventory of tickets is also available at Blackbyrd Myoozik (10442 82 Ave) and Permanent Records (8126 Gateway Blvd).

Tickets will be held for you at the box office.  Prices, including taxes and charges, are as follows:



Adult WEEKEND PASS (non-transferable)   $205
Adult WEEKEND PASS (transferable)   $215

Youth/Senior WEEKEND PASS (non-transferable)   $120
Youth/Senior WEEKEND PASS (transferable)   $135

Upgrade fee from non-transferable to transferable   $25

Child WEEKEND PASS (Ages 6-12)   $30

FRIDAY single ticket (adult)   $75
FRIDAY single ticket (youth/senior)   $55

SATURDAY single ticket (adult)   $100
SATURDAY single ticket (youth/senior)   $75

SUNDAY single ticket (adult)   $100
SUNDAY single ticket (youth/senior)   $75


The non-transferable option is for those intending to come for the entire weekend. We will send you a single ticket to exchange at the gates for a weekend wristband that will be valid for all three days. Don’t take it off! If your wristband appears to have been tampered with, it will be considered null and void. We will replace damaged wristbands at the box office with proof of purchase and photo ID. We will not replace lost wristbands.

The transferable option allows you to share your weekend pass with others. We will send you 3 individual tickets (Fri/Sat/Sun), each of which can be exchanged for a single-day wristband on the corresponding day of the festival.

If you buy a non-transferable pass and then want to upgrade to a transferable pass, you can do so only at the box office.  The upgrade fee is $30, cash only.


Youth pricing is in effect for youths aged 12 – 17. Senior pricing is in effect for those aged 65+. Because we have a limited capacity, we are not able to offer free admission to seniors.

CHILDREN under the age of 6 are admitted free of charge. Children aged 6-12 will require a weekend pass.

SEATING is general admission.  We are implementing some new seating policies this year.  Click here for more detail.


Tickets are refundable only in the instance of the event being cancelled. Individual artist cancellations  will not trigger event cancellation. If one occurs, we will do our best to bring in a replacement artist of similar marquee value.


Ticket prices are slightly higher this year than in 2013 (approx 10% increase).  We listened to your feedback that you’d be willing to pay a bit more to have a bit more room in the Amphitheatre, so we have responded by reducing the number of tickets we’re selling by 10% to cap it at 3000 people (a 10% reduction in the number of people on site).  We are also reducing the number of sponsor and artist passes.  The increase in price also reflects the increased artist budget, which we increased by 17% from last year.