Marty Stuart
Mosaic Lager

A crisp India Pale Lager with a delicious dose of Mosaic hops. 

Andra Day
Triacca Chianti Classico ‘Bello Stento’, Tuscany Italy

Colour: red

Grape: predominately Sangiovese

Tasting notes: cherry, plum, earthy, fresh

Spiritually uplifting without preaching, Andra Day’s soulful, velvety pipes are brassy, alluring and powerful with a seemingly limitless range. Her message of resilience through struggle (aka life) expresses so well the philosophy of winemaker Luca Triacca whose elegant and honest “Bello Stento” literally translates to “beautiful hardship” because nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy. But if we each lend a hand to our brothers and sisters, we can and will all “Rise Up” together.

The Strumbellas
CedarCreek Dry Riesling, Okanagan BC

Colour: white

Grape: Riesling

Tasting notes:   Vibrant with lively, mouth-watering acidity, lime, citrus, tropical.

The Strumbellas have quickly made their mark on the music scene, just as the wines from CedarCreek are wowing wine lovers with their beauty, intensity and character. Vibrant with lively, mouth-watering acidity, the wine dances on your palate which makes it a natural match with the undeniable danceable energy and exuberance of the band. The more you see them the more you want to watch and the more you taste the wine…well, you get the idea. Both will make it impossible to stay in your seats.




Fantastic Negrito
De Angelis Pecorino, Marche Italy

Tasting notes: melon, lightly herbal, refreshing minerality, mouth-watering acidity

Fantastic Negrito frontman Xavier Dphrepaulezz and the Pecorino grape could be labelled as the “comeback kids”. Dphrepaulezz’s inspiring, odds-beating story of personal injury to triumph is mirrored in his blues-soul-roots influenced music and lyrics which tackle the daily socio-economic realities of living in the East Bay. The long forgotten, ignored and mistreated Pecorino grape needed a champion to bring it back from obscurity to become the darling of wine lovers worldwide. Dphrepaulezz’s voice is inspiring, impassioned and compelling as is the wine’s nervy acidity and refreshing minerality.

The Mariachi Ghost
Finca Lara Crianza, Toro Spain

Colour: red

Grape: Tempranillo

Tasting notes: cherries, blackberries, earth, tobacco, liquorice and cloves

The music of The Mariachi Ghost defies labelling. Their driving multi-rhythmed, soaring melodies, brooding synths and haunting, dramatic soundscapes transcend the lines of any genre, creating their own expressive, worldly, outside-of-any-box, style with a passionate flair that combines traditional Mexican song and progressive rock. Similarly, the wine draws its inspiration from tradition and the region’s oldest vines, but its style and flavours of cherries, blackberries, earth, tobacco, liquorice and cloves are anything but common place. All eschew conforming to traditionally accepted norms to create wines and music beyond what others could even imagine. Both are self-proclaimed justice-seeking avengers ordained to punish those that fill our airwaves and shelves with mediocrity. Join their exotic crusade of epic proportions.

Cat Power
Capezzana Monna Nera, Tuscany Italy

Colour: red

Grape: Sangiovese (50%), Merlot (20%), Cabernet Sauvignon (20%), Canaiolo (10%)

Handcrafted, thoughtful, emotional and completely unforgettable is the only way to describe Chan Marshall’s (aka Cat Power) soulful, quietly intelligent, introspective and intense, yet soft spoken voice. Marshall is comfortable being in complete control to ensure her songs are a reflection of her true self. Capezzana Monna Nera is named after the woman who resurrected the Tuscan estate in the 1400s enabling it to continue producing wines reflective of its region for over 1200 years. The wine is compelling, approachable and elegant with morello cherry, plum, earth and savoury spice. It’s astounding how both Marshall and the winery can produce such emotion-evoking quality, yet make it seem so easy.

Sam Outlaw
Caliboro Erasmo Barbera-Garnacha-Carignan, Maule Valley Chile

Colour: red

Grapes: Barbera, Garnacha (Grenache), Carignan

Tasting notes: intense, juicy and fresh with wild berries, soft ripe tannins and a persistent finish.

Listening to Outlaw conjures images of a smoke filled roadhouse permeating with the ghosts of troubadours past and present. His unique “SoCal country” sound with engaging lyrics and captivating melodies definitely calls for something unfiltered from a winemaker that doesn’t play by the rules. Caliboro owner Francesco Marone Cinzano is rewriting the rules in Chile…dry farming, importing vines in quantities so large the Chilean government limited subsequent imports, and creating a wine so good that others are inspired to strive for greater heights. The wine is intense, juicy and fresh with wild berries, soft ripe tannins and a persistent finish. These two outlaws should go riding together on the plains of Chile (or the hills of Southern California).

Bartier Brothers Semillon, Okanagan BC

Colour: white

Grape: Semillon

Tasting notes: citrus, apricot, fig, bright, crisp, refreshing and minerally

The instinctive familiarity, comfort, intensity, passion and chemistry behind familial collaborations can either blossom into something wonderful and synergistically productive or crash and burn in a fiery grave. Fortunately both these husband-wife and brother-brother teams are examples of the former. Once you hear them together, it’s hard to imagine Melissa and Luke playing apart despite their ridiculously amazing individual musical talents. Their country-jazzy-rootsy turned alternative-southwestern-rock-blues sound with engaging lyrics and groovy harmonies and the wines of the Bartier Brothers have the ability to appeal to the indie-crowd with their unique offerings while drawing in the mainstream because they’re just that undeniably good. The Semillon is bright, crisp and refreshing with an engaging tension of minerality, fruit, and structure…the perfect balance between bold and elegant.

Lord Huron 
Altos las Hormigas Bonarda, Mendoza Argenti

Colour: Red

Grape: Bonarda

Tasting notes: lively, exuberant flavours of raspberry, red currant and cherry, spice, juicy tannins, earthy minerality and lively acidity on the lifted finish.

If you haven’t heard Lord Huron, then you need to grab yourself a glass of Bonarda and get ready for the expansive, swirling wall of sound and picturesque lyrics of this Michigan based electric, indie folk band. Similarly, one taste and the Bonarda, hailing from the expansive, mountainous ‘scapes of Argentina, will impress with its lively, exuberant flavours of raspberry, red currant and cherry, spice, juicy tannins, earthy minerality and lively acidity on the lifted finish. So pleasurable, there’s no denying the allure of both the band and the wine.




Adia Victoria
Marotti Campi Verdicchio ‘Albiano’, Marche Italy

Colour: white

Grape: Verdicchio
What you see is what you get. Straightforward, hardworking and honest with a rebellious attitude, Adia Victoria and Lorenzo Marotti Campi should go on the road together. Progressive and driven, you won’t find Adia or Lorenzo compromising to appeal to the masses, instead blowing everyone’s expectations of what normal actual is. Victoria’s music encompasses rock, afro punk, country and blues while the Albiano is modernly traditional showing freshness, liveliness and a hint of bitter almond on the finish. They both rock the house with their lack of pretence.

Reuben and the Dark
Artesana Tannat, Urugua

Colour: red

Grape: Tannat

Tasting notes: rich, black fruit, cedar, spice, juicy and bold

Dark yet introspective and uplifting in an underground sort of way, the band’s folk-soul-alt-anthemic sounds are energetic and bold and, like the wine (with its grippy tannins, racy blackberry and dark cherry flavours and edgy, big and juicy finish), quickly draw you in with their alluring, powerful and soulful lyrics, beats and engaging personalities, albeit with an edge.   And it’s that edge that gives both the band and the wine their character, compelling us to keep listening and keep drinking, appreciating the lack of conformity to create something unique, distinct and inspiring. 

Kathleen Edwards
50th Parallel Estate Rosé, Okanagan BC

Colour: rosé

Grapes: Pinot Noir

Tasting notes: fresh strawberries, raspberries, cherry and a touch of savoury herb flavours, crisp with a long refreshing finish
Interesting: the vineyard site at 50th Parallel is the northern most site in the Okanagan that you can grow red grapes. Winemaker Grant Stanley is a dual citizen of Canada and New Zealand. If he wasn’t making wine, he would be a professional tennis player.

Don’t let anyone tell you that rosé isn’t a serious wine and don’t let Kathleen Edwards’s self-imposed hiatus lead you to believe that she isn’t serious about her music. Energetic, introspective, understated, heartfelt and finessed describe both the music and the wine. Great depth of flavour with bright cherry and strawberry flavours, savoury and fresh with the structure of a red, but without the grippy tannins, excellent balance and bright on the finish. A killer match with Edwards’s quiet strength.

Jose Gonzalez
Quinta do Penedo, Dao Portugal

Colour: red

Grapes: Touriga Nacional and Alfrocheiro

Tasting notes: elegant and full-flavours of red plum, mineral, currant and raspberry accented by spice and liquorice with plenty of freshness

Quietly expressive and reflective best describe the stripped down, art-folk sounds and engaging lyrics of Jose Gonzales. Entrancing and somewhat lonely, Gonzalez’s meditations on life have a certain calming influence due to the beautiful music and lyrics through which they are conveyed. Similarly the back to basics style of the Quinta do Penedo is highlighted by its distinctively elegant and full-flavours of red plum, mineral, currant and raspberry accented by spice and liquorice with plenty of freshness to back it up. Some of the most interesting and best value wines in the world are coming from the Dao. With both Gonzalez and the wine, there’s no fancy packaging or glitz and glamour, just honesty and straightforward truths.

Margo Price
Emiliana Sparkling Brut, Casablanca Valley Chile

Colour: white sparkling

Grapes: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

Tasting notes: elegant bubbles, aromas of papaya, pineapple, and cherries with notes of toasted bread, fresh, well balanced, and persistent.

Compelling, expressive, powerful, toe-tapping, head-nodding, edgy, vulnerable, resilient and intriguingly sexy best describe the rockabilly-country-blues sounds and engaging lyrics of Margo Price. The Emiliana Sparkling Brut is fresh, natural, persistent and engaging.  Both Price and bubbles are right for any time of the day or night. Nothing fancy, just pull-no-punches, what-you-see-is-what-you-get with no apologies for telling it like it is, which gives both Price and the wine their character, compelling us to push through the hard times and recognize that we’re not alone. Make a toast to appreciating something real. 

Sam Roberts Band
Finca Decero Syrah ‘Remolinos Vineyard’, Mendoza Argentina

Colour: red

Grapes: Syrah (aka Shiraz)

Tasting notes: aromas and flavours of blackberry, plum and cherry, alluringly spicy with smooth, elegant tannins and a long-lasting finish

The energetic groove-oriented melodic rock sounds of Sam Roberts Band accented with synth, psych and funk will compel you to get up and move. The ridiculously good quality of this Argentine Syrah also compels you to get up and kick it. Shows engaging aromas and flavours of blackberry, plum and cherry, alluringly spicy with smooth, elegant tannins and a long-lasting finish, this down to earth gem delivers beyond your expectations. Both Roberts and the wine exude energy, freshness and fun while combining a lot of tradition with an invigorating modern flair and a complete lack of pretence. The message of their quality extends far beyond the vast borders of their respective homes.

House Wines
Tenuta Sant’Anna Bianco di Lison, Veneto Italy

Colour: white

Fresh blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Tai showing hints of ripe melons and tropical fruit and a soft, lifted finish with hints of almonds.

House Wines
Navarro Lopez Rojo Tempranillo, Valdepenas Spain

Colour: red

Cherry, plum, earth, vanilla, with soft tannins and a lifted finish








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