Starting at 10am M.T. on Friday, November 25, we will be offering Adult Non-Transferable Weekend Passes to Interstellar Rodeo 2017 through the Six Shooter webstore. Each ticket will be accompanied by a special gift. Visit for more information.



With 2016 marking our 5th anniversary, we can honestly say that This Ain’t Our First Rodeo!  We are so pleased to bring you a line up that once again brings distinguished, daring and dauntless talents to the stage for this auspicious year. Interstellar Rodeo has made its mark presenting an innovative mix of performers across genres, with a core emphasis on those making waves in the roots and Americana world.

We have great pride in the ‘Discovery’ aspect of its music programming.  Our audiences love finding their new favourite artists on our stage, and this year is as exciting as ever, bringing you five performers who will make their Edmonton debuts: red-hot, tough-as-nails honky-tonker Margo Price; Grammy winning soul sensation Andra Day; Adia Victoria, described by Rolling Stone as “PJ Harvey covering Loretta Lynn at a haunted debutante ball;” Swedish Grammy winner Jose Gonzalez; and Fantastic Negrito, a California blues rocker with an incredible comeback story.

Our ear is also tuned in to the airwaves, and this year’s lineup – the most youthful to date – brings the dial to life with artists who have made an impact at radio. Sam Roberts, Lord Huron, Kathleen Edwards and Reuben and the Dark are just a few of the talented artists we are presenting who have broken through with hit songs that connect with listeners in profound and lasting ways.

It is also with great pride that artists who call Six Shooter Records their home are growing by leaps and bounds, able to hold prominent spots on our festival.  We are proud to bring The Strumbellas and Whitehorse, both Juno Award winners, to the stage this year, as well as Six Shooter’s Sam Outlaw, a California artist at the vanguard of the exciting changes in country music, also joins the 2016 #iRodeoYEG bill.

Rounding out the bill are a number of musical mavericks who have blazed trails in their own worlds, like country legend Marty Stuart, and the cult icon Cat Power — both singular artists who convey the diversity of a truly exceptional panel of artists coming to our stage in 2016.

The concept behind the event elevates the summer music festival experience with artist wine pairings, gourmet food offerings, and the return of the Interstellar Marketplace (launched last year), which showcases local fine arts and artisans.

Thank you again to our returning patrons, volunteers and sponsors, and welcome to those who choose Interstellar Rodeo for the first time. We’ll see you at Hawrelak Park.


Six Shooter

Where it is.
Interstellar Rodeo takes place at the Heritage Amphitheatre in Hawrelak Park in the heart of the City of Edmonton.

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We will be offering a FREE SHUTTLE from the University area. There are 900 parking spots within the park, so not everyone will be able to drive.  We suggest you car pool, or take advantage of our free bike lock up or our free shuttle.

Start + finish times
Friday: Gates open at 4:30, music starts at 5:00 pm, last call at 9:30 pm, concert ends at 10:00 pm.
Saturday + Sunday: Gates open at Noon, music starts at 1:00 pm, last call at 9:30 pm, concert ends at 10:00 pm.

Box Office
The box office at Hawrelak Park is located in a tent outside the entrance of the Amphitheatre. It opens one hour before gates: Friday 3:30 pm and 12:00 pm on Saturday & Sunday. We accept credit cards, and cash.

Bike Lock Up
Once again, we are providing a free bike lock up service, compliments of the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society.  The hours are:
Friday: 1:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Saturday + Sunday: 10:00 am – 10:30 pm

We are offering a FREE shuttle service from the University area to William Hawrelak Park.
This year, we are working with Golden Arrow buses (not ETS). The shuttle hours are:

Friday, July 22 from 2 pm to 11 pm
Saturday, July 23 from 9:30 am to 11 pm
Sunday, July 24 from 9:30 am to 11 pm

The shuttle stops are:

1. On 87th Ave between 112th and 114th Streets, right in front of the Education Building on the U of A campus. This is directly south of the U of A Transit depot.
    (Map of Area 1 / Photo of 87th Ave)

2.  In front of Windsor Car Park, located on 116th St. and just north of 92nd Ave.
    (Map of Area 2 / Photo of Windsor Car Park)

3.  William Hawrelak Park, main parking lot closest to the Heritage Amphitheatre.
    (Map of Area 3)

Parking at Windsor Car Park is $5 per day.  Even if you park on early Friday afternoon, only put $5 in the meter…
we have made arrangements with the U of A Parking Powers That Be to make it so.

We will have 2 shuttles running at peak times (Friday afternoon and each evening).  The scheduled times are as follows:

* Please note that these times are approximate.



What should I bring?
Please Bring:
• Low Profile Lawn Chairs (maximum leg height allowed is 8”) if desired
• Blankets
• Sealed Bottle(s) of Water (any size) or empty refillable containers – you may fill them up at the bar.
• Non Professional Cameras (No detachable lenses)
• Umbrellas (for rain purpose. No beach umbrellas)

Please DO NOT Bring
• Alcohol
• Narcotics
• glass containers
• Professional audio and video recording devices
• Regular sized or large lawn chairs that will obstruct views
• Pets
• Noise makers/laser pointers/etc.
• Weapons
• Tarps
• feather headdresses

Can I bring my own beer?
You are not allowed to bring in alcoholic beverages — our license allows only the consumption of beverages we are serving. We will have beer, wine, cider, and margaritas, and they can be enjoyed anywhere in the Amphitheatre. Empty, refillable containers are allowed…if there is a question about the content of the container, we will have to empty it out before admission (you can re-fill water once inside the gates). No coolers or glass containers are permitted.

What about food?
You are permitted to bring food. Please note, however, we will have plenty of food vendors on site serving a variety of delicious items.

I like to dance. Is there a dancing section?
Yes! In fact, we encourage people to enjoy the concert right in front of the stage (dancing or just standing). Please note: if there are a lot of people on the dance floor, the first few rows of seating won’t be able to see the stage. If you want to enjoy the concert from your seat, choose seats a few rows back from the front.

Do I need to wait in line?
It is general admission seating. The Heritage Amphitheatre has about 1200 permanent seats, and plenty of room on the surrounding lawns for an additional 2500 people. You can line up to get a prime spot if you really, really want to; however, the sight lines are excellent from almost every vantage point. As stated above, the only place where the sight lines are NOT going to be excellent are in the first few rows of permanent seats, where the view will be obstructed by the crowd on the dance floor. Patrons are encouraged to move freely on and off the dance floor throughout the concert for maximum enjoyment and good vibes.

There will also be some picnic tables, which are intended as a spot for people to gather and eat — when you’re finished your meal, please clear the table to make room for someone else to enjoy it.

For those of you who like to wait in line, please note that a food truck will be on hand to fulfill your food and beverage fantasies. Also, the washrooms of the Amphitheatre will be open and available for use before the gates open.

What are the seating policies?
We will maintain our “USE IT OR LOSE IT” POLICY.

Seating is GENERAL ADMISSION, which means the 1200 permanent seats are non-reservable. We expect that people will move around and enjoy the show from various vantage points throughout the Amphitheatre, whether it be the dance floor, the seats, the lawns, or in a food line up. You can’t come early and throw a bunch of jackets (or backpacks or bungee cords or any other personal item) on seats and expect to hold an entire row for your family, friends, or high school graduating class, especially if they all don’t show up until hours after the gates open! If items are left on seats for longer than one hour, our security volunteers will be take those items to the INFORMATION tent, which doubles as a Lost and Found. That way, we can free up seats for other patrons to enjoy.

CHAIRS. Please bring those awesome chairs where the legs are just 8 inches high.

RESERVED AREAS. We have reserved two small areas at the top of the seating area: one for volunteers, and the other for seniors.

VOLUNTEER AREA: These seats are reserved for the fine folks who offer up their time and good cheer to help us run the festival. You must be sporting a volunteer wristband to sit in this area.

SENIORS AREA: We don’t want our grandmothers waiting in line for hours or having to sit on the ground! So we’ve dedicated a section just for them. These seats may not be reserved by anyone. A senior may have ONE non-senior companion with him/her (not their entire family, for example) to enjoy the concert with. Everyone else will be expected to respect their elders! It’ll work like how it’s supposed to work on buses where if there is a senior or disabled person who wants to sit down, non-seniors will be asked to give up their seats.

WHEELCHAIR SEATING: Behind the back row along the perimeter of the seating area are places for guests in wheelchairs. This should be obvious, but you can’t reserve the seat next to a wheelchair spot unless you are in fact the companion of a person in a wheelchair.

What are your policies for disabled seating and access?
The park and the Amphitheatre are fully accessible, and we will reserve a covered area for disabled and seniors. If you require a caregiver, we will admit that caregiver free of charge. Arrangements for this must be done over the telephone at 1-855-465-2459.

Why can’t I bring a tarp?
We have been back and forth on this issue.  We have traditionally had a no-tarp rule, but last year we decided to try allowing tarps to see how that would impact the space and the vibe. Listening to audience feedback, we have decided to reinstate the no-tarp rule. Even though we had fewer people in 2014 than 2013, it was more crowded and uncomfortable on the lawns than the previous year. Unfortunately, it turns out that many people bring tarps as a way to stake a claim on a large area, rather than just to keep their bums dry. We are trying to create a non-territorial vibe of easy mobility and good times, and frankly the tarps were harshing our mellow.  Bring chairs (dry bum), bring blankets (or Snuggies!), bring umbrellas (or mini umbrellas to put in your wine if you wanna be fancy), but please don’t bring tarps! If you do, we will have to tarp-e diem (Seize the tarp. Oh wait, that would actually be “tarp the day” wouldn’t it? Oh well, Robin Williams RIP).

Can I wear my feather headdress to the festival?
No, you can’t.  We would stop you at the gate and ask you to take it off before entering the festival site.  As the most awesome Buffy Sainte-Marie explains: “Our headdresses aren’t fashion statements and we don’t feel complimented by your appropriation. Our beautiful headdresses belong to deep cultural and religious parts of our actual ancestral heritage.”  At the Interstellar Rodeo, we won’t tolerate cultural insensitivity, racism, or misappropriation of culture of any kind.  Just Be Awesome.

Is there an ATM? Yes.

What is the toilet situation?
The venue has indoor, flush toilets. We will also have a number of portable toilets in case the line ups get too long.

Is there a kids’ area?
No, we do not have the space to accommodate an area especially for children. However, once you have your wristband, you are able to come and go as you please and enjoy the rest of Hawrelak Park.

I’m a new Mom. Is there a facility for me?
Yes, we have a tent for nursing and changing babies should you desire a spot that is quieter and sheltered. It is located behind the stage next to the St. John’s Ambulance.

Is there First Aid available?
Yes, St. John’s will be on site. They are located behind the stage next to the Food Truck area.

Are cameras allowed?
Yes, amateur photos are permitted, unless we are notified otherwise by the artist. Any photos that are taken can be for personal use only. Please respect the audience and the artist when snapping your shots. In order to use professional cameras, such as those with detachable lenses, you must get a media pass for the use of that camera.

Can I use video or audio recording devices?
We cannot authorize the use of audio/video recording due to artist copyright issues. If you wish to record a performance, you must get written permission directly from the artist.

Sometimes, it seems too loud.  Why?

We have already taken some steps to reduce the amount of volume coming off of the stage. For instance, we have introduced what audio technician types call a ” delay system” (or something like that, if we ask too many questions we get inundated with a whole lot of boring technical talk… “20 kHz into the power handler, G-EQ, SPL meter, blah blah blah), so that we can have separate speakers running for the lawn seats and we don’t have to blast the whole crowd from the main PA. Still, sometimes it’s going to get a little on the loud side. Some of our programming includes awesome rock and roll bands, and rock and roll bands have a tendency to both a) rock and b) roll, and said rocking and rolling has a stylistic tendency to require loud amplifiers (many guitar amplifiers tend to sound straight up poopy if they aren’t cranked at least a little bit). When the amplifiers are louder, everything else has to be turned up a bit so it all sounds balanced and super bitchin’.

We have no intention of turning into an acoustic music festival, some of our favourite bands like to kick out the jams, so every now and then there might be a bit of rockin’ going on. We certainly don’t want your ear-holes to be uncomfortable though, so we would like to remind you that we DO give out free earplugs at the info booth, and in the future we are going to try to create a chill-out zone behind the stage for those of you who are more volume-sensitive to take a little reprieve if the pure rocking awesomeness gets too loud for comfort.

Why do some bands sound awesome and others less so?

In this case, we would suggest that awesomeness is subjective. Many bands bring in their own sound techs who are familiar with artists’ music, and the creative vision for how they would like their performances to translate in a live setting. This is part of their performance and we have to respect that… artists bring their own techs to make it sound how they like it to sound. What this means for the audience, is that the sonic signature could be variable from act to act, depending on who is mixing the show, and sonic aesthetic that this represents. Thankfully, variety is the spice of life. That’s a pretty odd expression, hey? I wonder who came up with that one, and how it managed to stick.

Are pets permitted?
Apart from service dogs, pets are not permitted on site.

May I refund my ticket?
Tickets are refundable only in the instance of the entire event being cancelled. Individual artist cancellations will not trigger event cancellation. If one occurs, we will do our best to bring in a replacement artist of similar marquee value. The festival runs rain or shine.

Is this an annual event?
Yes. Next year’s dates are July 21-23, 2017.
Still have an unanswered question?
Drop us a line at info [at] interstellarrodeo [dot] com or call us at 1-855-465-2459.